Profoundness in a Shebeen

Sometimes alcohol can bring out the best in people. It happened on Sunday when we took a walk and happened on a packed Shebeen glued to the Pirates v Supersport match.

The instant our family entered the scene, the whole place stood still for a moment to take in the unusual scene of two blonde girls entering with their parents and a friend.

Two patrons immediately came forward with Orlando Pirates’ misery of being a goal down having been quickly forgotten. It was clear that they had enjoyed a few quarts that afternoon but what they said seemed incredibly profound for the interior of a Shebeen.

“Seeing you here makes me believe that God is alive,” said the first gentleman. The second then starting quoting Mandela’s closing Rivonia Trial speech. “This is the ideal for which Mandela was prepared to die for,” he said while gesticulating at our family.

And in that out of place setting of a white family going for a walk around the shack lands of Mamelodi, it seemed like much more than just a walk.


  1. Ceasar says:

    Interesting and indeed profound to note that the idea of a white family walking into a shebeen prompts one to believe that GOD is alive. It shows just how unheard of such an occurrence is and in so doing some of the ills that plague the Republic. What I have come to appreciate are the ripple effects that your undertaking will trigger such that the advantaged, regardless of race and ethnicity may start to appreciate and possibly relate with the what the majority go through and better still do something to help.

    • this is interesting to see this happening in my community last week i also hosted the guys from london i they really love the way the people of this community are so friendly and always supporting one another indeed a true rainbow nation

  2. thembela sibande says:

    lol….I am impressed….we live in a country loaded with a lot of negative historical background teachings that play a huge role in dividing our future bonds with different races, a sense of fear being instilled in some whites and a sense of rich idealistic mentality being instilled in some black people’s minds when it comes to whites….I pray that one day unity love and friendship blinds us of colour and binds us with humanity,helping each other not just financially , a simple thing such as a visit is more cherished and last longer in people’s hearts,a sense of being loved appreciated and accepted is as valuable as your mother’s love….

    • Gerald says:

      South Africa is the beautiful country with beautiful people but at times we choose to focus our energy on negative things and as a results we become negative. Iā€™m very much impressed with your adventure to know the other side of your country. We have challenges but it is not hopeless, we just need to unit our effort & work together to make this country a better place for all who lives in it. It is very interesting to read your experiences living in a township and wish you all the best. Be Blessed

  3. Erin J says:

    May the same ideals flourish all over the world. šŸ™‚

  4. Lucky says:

    Hi Erin J

    If this guys can do it for a month then you can can do it for a week…if you wanna go a bit softer then you can rent back room in the township, that way atleast you’ll have electricity. What do you think? lol šŸ™‚

  5. B says:

    I am glad I stumbled onto this blog. Thank you MSN SA for picking this up! I hope that others worldwide will see your courage and look around themselves and willingly be part of making a difference in their own communities. I am sure this makes many people in SA uncomfortable, but I hope that will change, just as it still needs to change here in the States (on BOTH sides). Good luck and God Bless.

  6. Dr. Joe says:

    “…that makes me think God id
    S Alive.” I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. So profound.

  7. Bernice van Wyk says:

    Hi Julian – I was one of the parents at the Clarendon High School prizegiving last year and was incredibly moved by all you had to share with us. Thank you for reminding us how Jesus would have done things… I too shed a tear last night, because I love to hear stories and see people that reach other and touch other people’s lives – thank you for encouraging us all to make a difference wherever we are!

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