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  1. There’s a scathing opinion-piece written about you on the Mail and Guardian’s Thought Leader page. Have you seen it?

  2. Thanks just read it now. You’ll never be able to please everyone in life. In fact this whole month long thing is not about pleasing anyone: we are trying to change ourselves, not people out there. If that is seen as offensive I challenge the TL author to give us some alternatives or should we just remain in a bubble?

  3. Ruth Tanser Ruth Tanser says:

    Yes, exactly!!! Bloody pathetic if you ask me!! You guys rock!! <3

  4. Very good, provocative and challenging in a non threatening way. Forget critics, stick to your program me. Many ‘blacks’ have moved to ‘white and affluent’ suburbs as their wealth increased. There is some literature on their experiences. Very few ‘whites’ have moved to ‘black and poor’ suburbs and there is very little literature on their experiences. Therefore South Africa will be richer after one month as a result of your experiment. I also sincerely wish you achieve the personal transformation you desire.

  5. Mamelodi for a Month says:

    Hi Tiisetso. The area where we stay goes back 15 years and while it might have the same historical roots as older suburbs, it has none of the luxuries of electricity connections, brick walls, tar roads and flush toilets that some of Mamelodi has to offer. What has often been mentioned in contemporary race debates (see Eusebius McKaiser’s ‘The Unbearable Whiteness of Being’ is essentially that it is expected for black South Africans to embrace white culture but the reverse is hardly ever present. Poverty is also not a black or a white thing as you mentioned. It happens all over the world and there should be no individual monopoly on this experience. We appreciate the sensitivities that there are a minority of people who would have preferred that we stayed in the comfort of our middle class bubble. At the end of the day, we have been clear that this experience is to change our family. That is all we can ever change. We are not here to change other people or to try and please everyone.

    • Israel says:

      In order to understand poverty, u have to live it and that is what you and your are doing. This experience will change your lives forever n not many people would give up their comfortable lifestyles to live in a shack.Never mind what people say, your family is an inspiration to me.

  6. Mamelodi for a Month says:

    Tiisetso – I would be happy to buy you a beer or a cup of coffee in September so we can have a meaningful conversation where I get to learn more about you and your perspective and you get to learn more about me and where I come from. I will send you an email as follow up.

    “Have you learned lessons only from those who admired you, and were tender with you and stood aside for you? Have you not learned great lessons from those who braced themselves against you and disputed the passage with you?” (Walt Whitman)

  7. Mpho says:

    Wow wow!!for a month…?now that’s ayoba!!you guys really have an amazing domestic helper and you are also just ayobaness!!I wonder how many sphatlos u hv already chowed…hahaha!don’t forget to shop at denneboom train station,you guys are just rock stars big ups!!lots ‘o love!!

  8. yes you guys are the best ……. love you too much

  9. much respect for u guys!

  10. blackkid13 says:

    wow, this is inspirational. WOW. This is what unite us even more. Big up to this wonderful family.

  11. blackkid13 says:

    wow, this is inspirational. WOW. This is what unite us even more. Big up to this wonderful family. You guys rock!

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