Our R25 Solar Cooker!

One of the comments from a reader, Gaynor, following a preIMG_2809vious posting: (Solar Cooker: yes or no) was why don’t you make one of your own? Well always being up for a challenge we decided to do just that and spent last night working on a little science experiment. Instead of our R2500 bought version we managed to make one for just R25 using cardboard, glue and tinfoil. Julian found a brilliant link on the internet “Solar Cookers: How to make use and enjoy”ย and we followed their instructions and came up with a simple solar cooker of our own. We were fairly skeptical as to whether it would work but before going out for the day we set it up with some dried beans and onions inIMG_2821 water (mmmmhhhh, not really gourmet meal but high in protein, cheap and healthy) and went off for the day. It was not a particularly warm day today but it was sunny and there is no wind here. Upon returning home at 5pm the sun had almost set and the beans were cold but they were cooked. So we heated them up, added some salt and cumin and had ourselves a very basic but cheap and replicable meal. So thanks Gaynor, we will be taking our home made solar cooker along to Mamelodi and

hope to make some more meals in it.



  1. Kristine Page says:

    I love this R25 solar cooker! Well done! Would it not help to reduce the negative effect of wind to stretch some sort of clear plastic across the front of the solar cooker? This would preserve the built-up heat within the effective space of the solar cooker. Just an idea… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gaynor says:

    Well done, looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I personally think what you do will open eyes not only for you but for many white South African being polician or business people.Because at the moment they living in their own close world.they seem most of them not to understand when a black south african is protesting for a better living wage or better living condition. The sadness is the behaviour has been adopted by many elite black south african they shock and not understanding why marikana happened.

    One day when you see many black children rooming the street you will say to yourself i do understand.

    Serame Marikana West

  4. mzamo mkhize says:

    This is good i wsh they could stay there for 1 year take their children 2 black schools

  5. LSM says:

    This is great thing to do. I wish them all the best. South Africa needs such people to make change in other people’s life. May God bless them.

    • Nkululeko Ntloko says:

      I really admire your courage and the high fibre of HUMILITY in what you are doing and you have no idea of what you have awaken in people’s mind and hearts both the African and White communities in South Africa, the message here is clear – which is : When things in your life are going great for you and your family, you must not forget where you were before and ignore or undermine other people’s struggles in life. That in its self brings tolerance eventually. This is trully inspiring to you as a family and your kids and the idea behind it, this is great , May yyou be Blessed for this.

  6. Name says:

    does your solar cooker really work? *astonished*

  7. Pabile says:

    That good thing that you are doing, once slept at my friend’s there at Phomolong, is was so unconfortable. I just wish our leaders can come and experient what you are feeling right noe, even if it can be a week, Because that main road of Ext 6 is always filled with waters. My the Lord Jesus Christ Be with your family until month end, we need people like you in this world.

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