Our Seismic Shift in Two Pictures

Here is a great visual of the seismic change we can expect from July to August. The aerial photo below shows our home on the east side of Pretoria. Notice the big houses, plenty of space and lots of trees

Bateleur Aerial Photo








Now 10km north as the crow flies, a whole new world opens upĀ  The aerial photo below is of the vast informal settlement that that we will call home for the month of August. Our shack is located somewhere in the middle of the picture. Notice in complete contrast the absence of trees and high density livingĀ  connected by dirt roads. It is easy to see why we have no electricity or council sewage services to look forward to.

Mamelodi Aerial Photo

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  1. Liz Northcott says:

    Love what you are about to do and although I live in the USA, I would really like to hear how things go, how your children react to such a big change. I believe that it will be a life changing experience.

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